Road Warrior climax + Fury Road score = pure guzzleline. It’s not like you could go wrong with it. For this equation you don’t even need to show your working out.

The climax of Road Warrior doesn’t go for the jugular like its contemporaries – or indeed one of its sequels – would. Instead it teases out some of the psychology of the chase: waves of attacks and the creeping menace, such as Wez pulling the cab driver’s door away with a grappling hook just to toy with Max.

The video below brings together the best of both worlds: the masterful final chase scene in 1981’s The Road Warrior and the thumping war party of Fury Road’s score.

For any Dark Side Of The Oz-types, there’s a few bits and pieces to enjoy. 1:10 to 1:29 sees the score swell and fade accordingly as Wez mounts the back of a truck and co-ordinates another assault on Max’s rig, leading to a heated ending for somebody.

Similarly, from 8:03 to 9:00 it drops out at just the right time and builds up for the death of Pappagallo, courtesy of a handily thrown trident from everybody’s favourite radioactive muscleman, Lord Humungus.

Of course, it’s simply the score laid over the scene and so the dialogue and all the rest has been lost, but it’s easy to imagine the bombast of one of 2015’s biggest box office draws drowning out the more subtle inflections and exchanges in Road Warrior’s climax.

Such are the differences in the two films. Road Warrior achieves a grittier, rickety and oily aesthetic to the twisted take on the desert epic that Fury Road presents. The latter’s smothering in a ritualistic, semi-paranormal mythos that drives a lot of the characters is in stark contrast to the former’s elusive and illusive stretch for desperate survival.


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