Hillary Clinton may have derided Donald Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables“, but the Democratic nominee for US President and former First Lady has something of a history with baskets herself.

Way back when – in the days of 16-bit consoles – Hillary and husband and former President Bill were unlockable characters on the forever great NBA Jam. Al Gore was also playable but…you know, zzzzzzzz.

A recent tweet from an NBA Jam fan account opined the retirement of former Minnesota, Boston and Brooklyn forward Kevin Garnett; his leaving of the game marking the last active player available in the game to hang up his vest one last time.

However, it transpires that mantle now falls to Hillary by default. With Clinton still being very much active in politics (you may have seen her online or on television a couple of times in the last year), the de facto POTUS is indeed Last Woman Standing in this epic-yet-silent battle of retro videogame trivia.

…and for the sake of it, here are the power couple themselves in action against the Chicago Bulls.


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