Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t be much help if he was a federal agent. Far from trying to work on the downlow, his twattish braying and Malcolm Tucker-lite patter would betray his confidence and gimmick in seconds. Not to mention that fashion sense he’s sporting here.

Subtlety is not Ramsay’s strong suit. Bear witness to the man himself posing as a capital A wearing his dad’s denim in front of a private jet in Las Vegas; looking for all the world like the chain gang boss in a wildly unnecessary DTV remake of Cool Hand Luke.

Despite his desperate tough guy projections, he remains remarkably easy to make fun of. His television shows are awful and formulaic, he looks like somebody’s quick-to-temper stepfather and I’m not sure I’ve actually ever seen him cook anything before. So thank you Gordon…Gord…Gordo me ol’ china plate…for gracing the information superhighway with a Baneposting clusterbomb.


I’ve lambasted the man for no real reason already, so I have to stick and totally doubt his sense of self awareness. It’s nice to think that Ramsay is an avid bane poster; staying up late on a school night making intricate collages in Photoshop of signs and tags that say “FOR YOU” but ehh…it seems like a long shot.


…and so it went on. Perhaps you’re wondering why a man would pose that way before posting it online?


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